Maximize Ad Spend with Sabio CTV

Connected TV is the fastest growing channel for political advertising this cycle, and for good reason. Projections show CTV viewers will surpass cable TV viewers in 2024, and as more voters cut the cord, campaigns must reach voters where they spend their time — on their streaming services and mobile devices.  

Social networks are no longer the viable channel they once were, offering advertisers fewer targeting capabilities and higher CPMs. CTV offers what local television cannot: specific voter segments, detailed reporting metrics, along with controllable reach and frequency.

Sabio enables you to reach all of your voters on the right screen at the right time. By leveraging our proprietary first-party behavioral targeting, we augment your voter file data and reach voters with massive cross-screen scale on premium inventory.

Our unique voter segments are ethically sourced from first-party mobile app and location data, cross referenced with household CTV data, and validated against national voter file records. This enables your campaign to reach custom voter segments on streaming TVs and mobile devices to ensure smarter, more efficient media buys.

Our reach is unrivaled with 55 million validated households matched at the mobile and CTV device level, so you can rest assured your ads are being seen by exactly the right people.

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Key Advertiser Priorities

We listened! Based on these priorities Sabio's CTV solutions address key pain points and areas of need that are client-centric.

Sabio's Unique CTV Data Set

Targeting across our CTV platform is informed by app behavior data from over 300MM mobile devices. The mobile data is matched to 55MM validated CTV households creating more accurate and relevant segments.

Incremental Reach Differentiators

Platform Agnostic

Don’t limit your reach.

Sabio’s diverse inventory can be accessed across all CTV/OTT devices, from game consoles to streaming players.

Inventory Transparency

Customization and transparency for maximized ad dollars.

Send preferred or block lists to customize preferences. The Universal Frequency Pixel can also be implemented for additional measures.

First-party Audiences

Custom audience segments you won’t find anywhere else.

Ethically-sourced first-party data is used to build custom audiences as opposed to overused third-party segments.

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