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Battling Bots for Ballots: Next Level Ad Fraud Detection with Dr. Fou

Every election cycle, promising new advertising tools for improved targeting and delivery of ads are developed, but those innovations often come with new challenges. As Connected TV has continued to grow and develop and as ad dollars rush toward the CTV environment, so too have fraud opportunists. Tackling fraud in CTV requires new tools and techniques compared to what we have traditionally used for mobile.  Join Sabio’s CMO, Joe Camacho as he speaks with Dr. Augustine Fou, an independent ad fraud investigator and Sudha Reddy, VP of Product Innovation, App Science®, A division of Sabio, as they provide a comprehensive overview on CTV fraud and best practices of fraud detection across both mobile and CTV environments.

Session Topics:

Ad Fraud 101 – What is CTV Ad Fraud?
What is the most surprising thing we saw when looking at fraud?
What are the recent trends you have seen with fraud?
Why is there fraud and where did it originate from?

Best Practices and what you should look out for:
How political advertisers can ensure they are reaching real voters?
What are the most important data points you need to identify, measure and control?
What is the value of real time detection vs post campaign?


Dr. Augustine Fou

Anti-Ad Fraud Consultant,
Marketing Science Consulting Group, Inc.

Sudha Reddy

VP of Product Innovation,
App Science®,
A Division of Sabio Inc.

Joe Camacho

Chief Marketing Officer,
Sabio Inc.


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