CTV Powered by Mobile Data

Connected TV Advertising Campaigns at Scale

Execute CTV campaigns by using privacy-compliant mobile app data to identify and reach consumers more effectively across 55MM validated households.

Sabio's Connected TV Solution

Custom Audiences Powered by CTV and Mobile Device Signals

Reach your audience through Sabio’s first-party CTV and mobile device level data, to reflect consumers' true interests and affinities.

Sabio's Custom Audience Solution

End-to-End Solutions

Sabio’s full ad tech stack provides an end-to-end solution for advertisers, including our proprietary demand-side-platform (DSP), direct integration with publishers, and measurement and analytics powered by human behavior.

The Sabio Approach

Why Sabio?

Proprietary Tech Built for CTV Efficiency

We built our demand platform in 2016 to be adaptable in the evolving media landscape, enabling us to provide advertisers with transparency, quality control, brand safety, and inventory demand.

Precise Audience Targeting at Scale

Our tech uniquely uses behavioral mobile and CTV signals to identify precise target audiences beyond general demographics, reaching 55MM CTV Households.

Dedicated Customer Service

We are a fully managed service backed by an all-star dedicated team. From strategy to reporting, we are with you every step of the way to drive campaign success.

Innovative CTV-First Creative Studio

Our award-winning in-house creative team provides unique and custom ad experiences for CTV to drive results with general and diverse audiences worldwide.

Diverse Audience Expertise

Rooted in DE&I, our multicultural team is well-versed in effectively reaching diverse audiences at scale and running culturally relevant campaigns that resonate.

Diversity is in Our DNA

An NMSDC-certified minority-owned business, Sabio was founded on our commitment to ensuring diverse audiences are accurately represented in media.  

From our diverse publisher sets to our granular first-party data, we are able to recognize and differentiate diverse cultures through precise audience segmentation, making us the trusted choice for advertisers in multicultural campaign initiatives for nearly a decade.

Our expansive reach of 10.2MM Hispanic, 7.4MM African American, 3.3MM Asian American, and 3.1MM LGBTQ+ Households allows advertisers to connect with diverse audiences at massive scale. As a certified minority-owned business, we can also help brands satisfy their diverse-owned or diverse audience spending commitments.

Announcing SabioTV: The Home of Creator-First TV

Powered by Sabio, SabioTV is a creator-first CTV streaming app that presents brands, advertisers, and sponsors with the opportunity to reach diverse audiences and passionate communities on unique, exclusive inventory.

Featuring original content from the celebrities of our time, SabioTV is here to deliver increased representation in the streaming space by surfacing unique programming that better reflects today’s diverse world.

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Our Award-Winning Creative

Sabio’s in-house creative team can provide services and expert recommendations on every campaign, assuring that we are delivering the best units to achieve your ideal KPIs and campaign goals. Our creative capabilities are customizable, allowing brands to create the most engaging ad experience for their target audience.

Interactive CTV Video

Drive engagement and brand awareness on CTV devices by utilizing interactive elements that allow users to toggle between a gallery of images with their remote control.

CTV Video With QR Code

Drive purchase intent with a scannable QR code, allowing viewers to seamlessly play the lottery or participate in seasonal offers.

CTV Video With Product Details

Encourage engagement by providing additional product details and offers that are presented to the viewer while they watch your video ad.

CTV Video With Coupon & Locator

Drive purchase intent with a scannable QR code, allowing viewers to seamlessly locate nearby stores and download a coupon.

CTV Video With Interactive Image Gallery

Encourage engagement by providing additional product images to the viewer while they watch your video ad.

Our Clients & Partners

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