Your CTV Performance Guide for Spring Cleaning

Reach Spring Cleaners with Sabio

As springtime approaches, households declutter, deep clean, and prep outdoor spaces to welcome in better weather.

Roughly eight in ten Americans engage in spring cleaning each year, according to Statista. In fact, Americans spend more than $830 on cleaning supplies and about $500 on lawn maintenance per year, according to Bankrate.

With Sabio’s unique audience targeting, your brand can identify, target, and reach precise spring-cleaning audiences through mobile app ecosystems, device language settings, contextual environments, device locations, and more.

Download now to discover how your brand can use Sabio to reach audiences that are looking to spruce up their immediate environment. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Recent trends in the housekeeping, gardening, and lawn care markets
  • How Sabio utilizes customized inventory lists to reach your ideal consumers wherever they stream
  • How brands use Sabio to reach precise spring-cleaning consumers on CTV