Brand Safety

Quality Matters

Validated Publishers™

Sabio inventory partners are vetted based on key brand safety and performance parameters.

While Sabio still teams up with third-party partners to offer additional layers of protection, this solution serves as a solid first line of defense.

Third-Party Validation

Sabio partners with the leading third-party brand safety, fraud, and viewability companies such as IAS, Oracle MOAT, and Forensiq to provide external reassurance and verification.  

Acceptance of Preferred & Block Lists

Sabio accepts preferred and block lists to ensure adherence to strict inventory guidelines. This list must be received ahead of time to ensure ample scale.

Privacy Matters

Consumer privacy is an increasingly important issue in the digital advertising ecosystem. Sabio has made privacy a priority from day one, and with an increasing number of regulations, internal standards are constantly evaluated to ensure the consumer comes first.

Never Hoard Device ID's

All unused device IDs are cleared after 90 days. Consumer information is never retained unless it’s being actively utilized for targeting purposes.

Retain In-App Privacy

Third-party SDK integrations provide a window into mobile app ecosystems but never in-app user information or activity.

Never Collect PII

Sabio never collects Personal Identifiable Information that can be used to identify, contact or locate a single person (email, address, phone number).

Compliance Matters


All internal, first-party targeting is HIPAA compliant and only trusted third-party data providers (like Crossix) can be included on campaigns. Sabio has worked with four out of the top 10 global pharma companies.


Developed and applied COPPA Compliancy contracts with all publisher partners. K13 and under are only targeted on a contextual basis and audience data is never retained or utilized. Sabio has worked with some of the largest kid-focused brands like Kraft and Nickelodeon.


Sabio applied all necessary measures to be CCPA compliant on Jan 1, 2020. This includes updated privacy policy, privacy email, cookie opt-in notification, additional security and encryption, daily communication from IAB Privacy String.