Sabio's Connected TV Process

Key Advertiser Priorities

We listened! Based on these priorities Sabio's CTV solutions address key pain points and areas of need that are client-centric.

Sabio's Unique CTV Data Set

Targeting across our CTV platform is informed by app behavior data from over 300MM mobile devices. The mobile data is matched to 55MM CTV households creating more accurate and relevant segments.

Incremental Reach Differentiators

Platform Agnostic

Don’t limit your reach.

Sabio’s diverse inventory can be accessed across all CTV/OTT devices, from game consoles to streaming players.

Inventory Transparency

Customization and transparency for maximized ad dollars.

Send preferred or block lists to customize preferences. The Universal Frequency Pixel can also be implemented for additional measures.

First-party Audiences

Custom audience segments you won’t find anywhere else.

Ethically-sourced first-party data is used to build custom audiences as opposed to overused third-party segments.

CTV Platforms

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