Mobile Data & Customer Segmentation

Why Mobile Apps?

Personalized Data

Consumers spend 90% of their time on mobile, in-app. Which is why app data is a true reflection of a person’s interests and affinities.

Behavioral Insights

App data provides the opportunity to create segments that brands can rely on to deliver greater results through more relevant targeting.

Visitation Patterns

Smartphones are with us every moment of the day, therefore the location data we gather from these devices tells us a lot about a person’s lifestyle and daily routine.

Custom Segments Offer More Precise Targeting

At Sabio, we ingest app level data from over 280MM mobile devices to use in creation of our custom segments.

App Ecosystem

App Affinity, Purchase Signals,
App Conquesting

Visitation Data

Historical Data, Triangulation,
POI Validation

Device Info

Technographic, Language Settings,
Device OS, Carrier Info

Mobile Device Analysis

As the mobile device is truly reflective of a person's interests and affinities, it serves as an ideal foundation for identifying opportunities for brands to maximize relevancy in targeting.

The Most Effective TV Targeting

An example of how Sabio taps into mobile data to identify QSR intenders.