The Sabio Approach

Redefining Full Service

End-to-end solutions and a direct relationship promote enhanced visibility into campaign parameters, business goals, and post-campaign results.

Custom Audiences

Precision Targeting Through More Accurate Data

App Ecosystem
Purchase Signals
Program Viewing


Award Winning In-house Creative Studio

Full suite of mobile rich media and video units

Interactive CTV units for commerce,
loyalty, and more

CTV Delivery

Custom Segments Delivered To Over

55MM validated CTV HHs
Cross-Screen Reach
Diverse Mix of Inventory

Measurement & Data

More Actionable Insights

In depth wrap-up reports:
Delivers more than standard performance

Advanced incremental AppScience® reporting:
Reach and frequency, on-target, foot traffic, and more

A CTV Platform Powered By Mobile Data

Sabio uses data from over 280MM mobile devices and 110MM CTV devices to create truly unique audience segments across 55MM validated CTV and mobile matched households.

Deliver Cross Screen Advertising Campaigns

Connected TV and/or Mobile

Serve To Custom Audience Segments

Demo + Program Viewing +
App Ecosystem + More

Deliver Marketing Intelligence Insights

Visitations / Media Analysis / Brand Lift / App Analysis

Cross Screen - Why It Works

Multiple Touchpoints

Reach consumers at multiple touchpoints throughout the day.

Brand Lift

Drive brand lift and a consistent narrative across platforms.

Better Segments

Form better segments based on more reliable data.